Monday, November 12, 2007

twenty-one new things about me

Monday, November 12, 2007

Fine lines have started appearing under my eyes – a prelude to wrinkles.

One of my dreams – to have an article published – is now about to be realized.

I’ve started a countdown, something I’ve never done before.

My phone is active again!

I am no longer a victim of unrealizable dreams.

Well crafted phrases delight me.

I used to doubt relationships that started virtual. I ate all my words.

    I now have 26 pairs of shoes.

For me, love is no longer a trap, an elusive idea, a performance or an illusion.

More and more work responsibilities are being given to me.

I am happy and I feel so loved.

All my preparations for spinsterhood got scrapped.

I’ve stopped obsessing about my weight.

I am less of an introvert than before. I've realized how fun it is to be in the company of friends.

I go to work earlier than usual with a bright smile on my face a cheerful good morning for everyone, eager to start a new day.

I can now wear what i want, eat what i want, sleep when i want, say what i want, do what i want, go where i want, be with the people i want to be with. I'm free, at last.

I am now officially the tiniest in our whole clan. My 12-year old sister and even my nieces are now taller than me.

My insecurities, I’ve learned how to deal with.

They say I am less bitchy but more crazy than before.

I have come to terms with past events.

I found The One. Or rather, he found me.


Anonymous said...

all those plus you are no longer obliged to ask for someone else's consent before going out with us...welcome love-inspired social life

Anonymous said...

i love the new list! keep going!

Anonymous said...

Those fine lines are signs that you are aging like a vintage fine wine. ;)

Anonymous said...

Hmmmm.. My girlfriend makes me happy and feel so loved, too. What a coinky dink! ;)

Angeli said...

thanks kayni.. :)

Angeli said...

what's a "coinky dink"?

Anonymous said...

Good Things come to those who wait...Glad all the hardwork and heartache are paying off... Bilog talaga ang mundo wouldnt you agree? :) As for me, my preparations for spinsterhood are all still in place...And in the same manner, im loving every single moment of it too... :)

riky and nina said...

ghie, you need to buy 5 pairs pa noh,,, the magic number is 31 pairs... one for each day of the month. and that does not include trainers (running shoes) & boots. and isn't a girl supposed to have as many pairs of shoes as her age?

Anonymous said...

The classical latin pronunciation of "coincidence".
Talis conincidenc est! What a coinkidink or coinky dink!

Angeli said...

hmmm, so i need to buy more shoes..

si chia ata times three ng age nya ang dami ng sapatos nya. hahaha..

Angeli said...

hey Daddo, you always mention your girlfriend. she must be one lucky girl.. :)

Anonymous said...

Angeli, I am the lucky one. Hey, is that an old picture? Looks like you lost weight. ;)

Angeli said...

i did not! :)

that was taken last friday, november 9. :)

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