Wednesday, October 24, 2007

What is it with flowers?

Wednesday, October 24, 2007
They say that courtship is on its way to obsolescence. But when we unexpectedly receive a bouquet of flowers, doesn’t it make us believe that romance is still alive? So what is it with flowers that make us girls go all mushy and mawkish? Why do we like flowers so much? Is it because flowers are traditional expressions of courtship and romance? Is it because flowers are an obvious display of appreciation and affection? They say flowers have their own language:
  • Red roses are the traditional symbol for love and romance, and a time-honored way to say "I love you." The red rose has long symbolized beauty and perfection. A bouquet of red roses is the perfect way to express your deep feelings for someone special.

  • An assorted bouquet of gerbera daisies can lift the spirit and sending one is an ideal way to brighten someone’s day.

  • Sunflowers are the happiest of flowers, and their meanings include loyalty and longevity. They are unique in their ability to provide energy in the form of nourishment and vibrance, an attribute which mirrors the sun and the energy provided by its heat and light.

  • If you're looking to leave butterflies in their tummies, choose tulips and watch them blush. Wildly popular throughout its history, tulips are a comfortable flower choice and one that expresses perfect love.

But then, do they have to have meaning for us to love them? The sheer beauty of flowers is reason enough, isn’t it?


riky and nina said...

"Just remember, during the winter, far beneath the bitter snow, that there's a seed that with the sun's love in the spring becomes a rose." - Leanne Rhimes...

"Love is like a rose. When pressed between two lifetimes, it will last forever."

Whoever says they dont like flowers are either dumb or senseless. Flowers convey what words may not...

Anonymous said...

If I send you red roses, do you think your boyfriend would mind?

Angeli said...

i don't think my boyfriend would mind. :) he's far too secure of my love for him..

anyway, my honey sends me all the red roses i want and need... :)

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