Monday, September 17, 2007

You Intrigue Me

Monday, September 17, 2007

You know who you are. So many questions are brewing inside my head but I’ve no chance to let them all out. It’s probably the part-psych-part-researcher-part-interviewer in me surfacing. Or I’m just one curious person. Or you just happen to be an interestingly mysterious person.

  • How on earth did you find this blog?
  • You said you’re an Iskolar ng Bayan and majored in Economics; you speak fluent Ilocano and you’re from the North so I assumed that you graduated from UP Baguio. But when asked you didn’t give a straight answer. Hmmmmmmmm…
  • You said you only read comic books yet you quote authors as esoteric and diverse as Antoine de Saint Exupery, Erich Segal, John Keats, Blaise Pascal and Bertrand Russell. So who’s the geek now? :)
  • I get amusing comments from you almost every day and I find myself looking forward to them. And yet, I don’t even know your name!


Anonymous said...

"...You talkin' to me? Then who the hell else are you talking... you talking to me?"
- Travis Bickle (Robert De Niro), Taxi Driver 1976


Google. I lied here, check your site stats. The answer is there. ;)

Was a UPB student; got kicked out; can't pass a test; genuflected a lot to earn an economics degree from UPD. You forgot to mention how you gave me a fright with your Japanese. Wen ngarud ah!

One word, iamnotageek!

If I am upsetting your world, say the word and I will be Anonymous. ;)

If, I mean when I bring you home to meet the tribe, you'll hear them call me Daddo.

'nuff said. ;)


Angeli said...

stats? how do i do that? i am so stupid when it comes to stuff like that.

upsetting my world? quite the contrary. :)

anya bag-bagam nga nasam-it?

Anonymous said...

If you are stupid, then I am a retard.

Angeli said...

oh, c'mon.. i don't believe that.

Anonymous said...

How about, not calling yourself stupid *ever*, *ever* and *ever* again. ;)

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