Sunday, September 16, 2007

A Trip to Divisoria, a.k.a. Flashbulb Moment and Cold Showers

Sunday, September 16, 2007
It was my first time to go to Divisoria last Saturday. My officemates invited me to go and I thought what the heck. It might be fun. And fun it was.

As advised by everyone, I went prepared. I left my phone, purse and watch behind, secured my hair in a pony tail, and worn my most comfortable jeans and rubber shoes. Then I met up with three of the youngsters in the office – Niel, Cocoy and Paul.

It was shopping galore for Niel and I at the Tutuban Mall and we were so engrossed with fitting those cute, short dresses that the boys got impatient and left us to do their stuff. We were so freaked out when we couldn’t find the boys that were thinking how are we supposed to go home!? We don’t know the way! Luckily we saw them.

It was a very exhausting afternoon but it was fun. I was with friends and with less than a thousand bucks in my pocket, I went home with a dress, a pair of shoes, a belt, pasalubong for my brother and sister and a kilo of lanzones. What more can a girl ask for?


Anonymous said...

Change the title to Flashbulb Moment and Cold Showers. ;)

So, you had a perfect weekend, you could just purr, purr and purr.

I had a rotten weekend, I could just grr, grr and grr some more.


Angeli said...

oh.. poor you...

flashbulb moment and cold showers? huh?

Anonymous said...

Flashbulb moment (memorable event) is your first trip to Divisoria.

Cold shower is technique used to ease unfulfilled man’s sexual desires. And your pretty sexy picture will definitely agitate testosterones. That is why in jest a more apt title will be flashbulb moment and cold showers.

You knew that, right? No more gutter wisdom for you. ;)

Anonymous said...

I can't believe you did that?!?! You are a riot! ;)

Angeli said...

you told me to!! hahaha.

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