Wednesday, September 12, 2007

closure? catharsis?

Wednesday, September 12, 2007
As I was walking to the office this morning, I saw the FREE ERAP banners lined up along Shaw Boulevard. I felt a sense of impending doom – the feeling one has when something really horrible is about to happen. The worse part of it is that people around me do not care at all; it’s like a sea of apathy out here. Aren’t we all Filipinos? Aren’t we supposed to be affected by the issues concerning our country?

There is another thing that bothers me about all these. Are we expected to get relief or closure from whatever the verdict is? The freak show on TV – with all the personalities clamoring for seats in the Sandiganbayan, the media going all over the place to get mileage, the pros and antis, all them vultures – is it supposed to offer some catharsis for us? This isn’t about closure but a preview for something even worse.


Anonymous said...

Apathy, that’s my middle name. I was a marginal “iskolar ng bayan”. I traveled the world at taxpayers’ expense. I left for selfish reasons. I owe a lot to the Filipino people. So, giving back is on my list of to dos before I die. Guilt? Catharsis? Both!

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