Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Why He Found Another

Wednesday, August 22, 2007
Her insecurities, he found irrational.
To him, she still had to prove her worth.
She broke his trust once and he never forgave her for it.
Her family background, he deemed questionable.
Her being maternal, he found lacking.
The fundamental values he finds important, she did not have.
He found fault in her dysfunctional childhood.
Her aberrations, he could not accept.
Her tendency to do what pleases her infuriated him.
Her immaturity and emotional dependency smothered him.
Her agnosticism opposed his Catholic faith.
His love for her is less than her love for him.
It’s all part of his genetic code.


Anonymous said...

Bertrand Russell said
"...the existence of God, though not impossible, is very improbable."

Pinay agnostic where have you been all my life. "Kasla ka la nga umatiwerwer nga angin nga naggapu diay amianan."

I am in love for the first time again.

Angeli said...
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Angeli said...

mamati ak met idi. ngem nu panunutem nga agpayso, kasla ngay awan nga adda.. anya kadi ti umatiwerwer?

Anonymous said...

Pascal's wager or Atheist's wager. Two interesting views about beliefs in god, the latter makes more sense to me.

"umatiwerwer = napigsa nga sagawisiw kasla requiem by mozart!"

Angeli said...

you listen to mozart?

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