Wednesday, August 15, 2007

These Boots are Made for Wading

Wednesday, August 15, 2007
A quarter past seven this morning, I woke up to the heavy, staccato sound of the rain spattering against the window and the subtle murmur of the wind. All hell’s breaking loose, I said to myself. Wondering if there’s work, I rummaged through my clothes to look for the appropriate attire. Then it occurred to me, this day calls for The Baguio Look. I unearthed my ancient red wool sweater and camel colored skirt. And to complete the look I brought out my rarely used chocolate brown suede ankle boots. Oh what a beautiful day to finally be able to wear my boots and old Baguio clothes! This is one case of turning a dismal day into something exciting.

Then I rode the elevator - hoping that by the time I reach the ground floor of the condo the heavy downpour has turned into a light drizzle. But it didn’t! I waited for a while until impatience set it. Wearing my outfit for the day and armed with determination, I waded bravely through the storm, looking forward and ready to take on what this day has to offer.


Kayni said...

that's a great way to seize a stormy day. love the outfit!

Marts said...

Not the usual look at third world countries but the best for typhoon and flood. Japorms!

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