Monday, June 25, 2007

Tired Muscles, Aching Feet and the Pilak Girls

Monday, June 25, 2007

Getting old – when does it start? Does it start when we feel the big THREE-O lurking not so far ahead and we find ourselves making more “mature” and carefully thought of decisions and less impulsive and carpe diem choices? Or when we reach the age of 28 but cannot fit into size 28 pants? Or when a sense of dissatisfaction creeps in and we feel this nagging need to run to Singapore or anywhere outside the country to earn bigger bucks? Or when “personal issues” get in the way of staying in touch with friends? Or when we frequently get that sorry-you’ll-find-someone look, only intended for single girls our age? Or when the offer of marriage becomes the decisive factor in staying in a relationship? Or when virtually everybody our age (and even those who are younger) is getting married and having babies, leaving us wondering why we are being left behind? Or worse yet, our pool of eligible men is getting smaller and smaller and even the idea of marrying a “smelly-hairy Arabo” seems not to be a bad idea?

I spent the whole afternoon of Sunday with two of my dearest friends, Carla and Leah. As we contemplate upon these questions, we realized that, ultimately, getting old starts with tired muscles and aching feet after merely an hour of walking in and out of stores – looking for the perfect but within budget blouse and the perfect, butt-enhancing jeans – inside the mall. Willing but unable to walk another step, we had to go to Gloria Jeans just to be able to sit down, revive ourselves and rest our tired feet.

There were six of us then – Jennifer, Christine, Hazel, Carla, Leah and I – when tired feet would have never gotten in the way of us having fun in walking, not in the mall, but up and down (and back again) our beloved Session Road. But that was 14 years ago. Jennifer, still single, is now a doctor in Ohio; Christine, happily married, is a graduate student in New York; Hazel, engaged, is a software engineer in Japan; Carla, also happily married, is about to leave for Singapore, which leaves only Leah and I, both unattached, here in the Philippines. Now scattered in different countries, each of us remain young – though not in body but in mind and spirit – as we were in high school. With tired muscles and all, we never lost the capacity to wonder, to laugh ourselves crazy and to hope that, for all six of us, the best is yet to come.


Marts said...

sniff.. sniff.. nami-miss ko na kayo.. kelan kaya tayo ulet magkikita-kita na kumpleto, huhuhuhu!

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