Thursday, June 21, 2007

There Goes That Look

Thursday, June 21, 2007
They say that an interviewer knows and decides within the first five to nine minutes of an interview whether to hire or not and the time remaining is a mere self-fulfilling prophecy spent verifying and justifying the decision. I agree, in a way. Instinctively, I know if the person sitting in front of me has some degree of potential. Within five minutes, in my mind I can say “pwede!” or not. But it doesn’t end there. More than the interview, I rely on the answers to the essay questions we formulated to have a deeper understanding of the character of the applicant. Blurting out an answer is different from thinking it out and writing it down on paper.

Trying to ascertain what makes a person tick is very enlightening. It sometimes is painful to see applicants – fresh graduates mostly - squirming in their seats, mustering courage and faking confidence in trying to find the right answers. What is more painful is to keep a straight face against all the bull I sometimes hear. On the other end of the spectrum are managers who, with their condescending looks, cannot believe a person as young as I will be the one to interview them. There was an instance when I had to stop myself from saying “Hey mister, don’t give me that look. I may look young but I am actually older than you are! And I may look like one, but I am not a secretary! I head my own department!” And as the interview progresses, the applicant was sweating more and more like a pig! So there goes that look.


Marts said...

Funny but it's true. I never got the chance to do some interviews but from the "tales" I get from friends at the office who does the dirty work, their foolishness actually end up as our office anecdotes on our coffee breaks. hahahaha!

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