Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Spinster Sisters

Tuesday, May 29, 2007
Sunshine Lunch was our watering hole and chicken mami was our chicken soup for the soul. Endless and to-the-last-minutest-detail conversations about the inane and the profound, we found gratifyingly therapeutic. My overly complicated romantic attachments and her lack of any are the perpetual topics of these conversations – both face-to-face-actual and online-virtual.

In this vastly standardized cultural prairie, we bring jologs-ness and baduy-ness to a whole new level. As unashamed high-maintenance kikay ladies, we embrace “all for the beauty” and “always go for the classics” as our battle cries. Reverent of the Ilocano dialect, we are forever awed by the beauty of such words like gurabis, naikaglis/naidugmam, and tagbat/bagsol.

As self-proclaimed spinster s
isters, we dread incipient spinsterhood and yearn for that one true love yet have the character and personality to make it a non-issue.

Distance now keeps us apart but spinster sisters we remain, still.


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