Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Brownout Induced Writing

Wednesday, May 30, 2007
It’s a minute to nine pm. Electricity’s been out for more than an hour now. I was on page two hundred nine of John Fowle’s The French Lieutenant’s Woman when the lights went out, leaving me with the passage “..male vanity lies in being obeyed; female, in using obedience to have the ultimate victory” hanging in my head. As I put on more decent clothes, laughing quietly to myself, oh yes, I am so guilty of that. Then I went out of my apartment to check how things are. I saw the corridor littered with people – some condo unit owners are using the hallway outlets to charge their phones, a number of children are playing with blocks, one woman is sitting on the floor, furiously typing on her laptop, with open books surrounding her (What could she be working on? I wondered. School hasn’t started yet. Must be stuff from work.) Going back inside, I asked myself, what do I do now? I contemplated sleeping, but I’m still too hyped up for that. I reached for my phone for some sms action, then suddenly realized that there’s nobody out there - except for my mother and my sister - who would give a damn about my situation. Tonight’s darkness threw a strong light on the absence of a significant other who I am significant to. Remembering the passage earlier, I thought, there is no one to be obedient to.

Drenched in sweat and convincing myself not to let gloom enfold the night but to take pleasure in it, with a pair of candles as the sole source of light, I began to write.


Anonymous said...

Hi! I like the new blog design, and I love the current entry about block out. I miss the Philippine block outs that usually last for hours...sometimes days. Looking forward to more blogs...Kayni/Kayni

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