Thursday, May 31, 2007

Inescapable Parts of Life

Thursday, May 31, 2007

There are instances that I find onerous and annoying but are inescapable parts of life that I might as well learn to deal with.

  • Making small-talk. Coming up with appropriate chitchat is such a taxing task for me. It feels a bit phony to me. In a situation that requires small-talk, I always end up wracking my brains for politically correct, bland yet pleasant things to say. For some, the safest topics of chitchat are the weather, what province the person came from, and other infinitely boring stuff. Far worse than small talk is drivel. Can people not just tolerate silence when there is nothing senseful to be said, that they end up talking about nonsense? Can verbal diarrhea be cured?
  • Hearing “The number you had dialed cannot be reached. The number you dialed is either unattended or out of coverage area”. Isn’t it irritating to call someone and instead of hearing his or her voice, you hear those words in that unnaturally neutral tone? Out of frustration (or the neurotic me taking over) from several unsuccessful attempts to be connected, sometimes I hear mocking overtones in that voice and it makes me want to tell her to just shut up (if only she can hear me)!
  • Bad breath. I don’t think anyone can tolerate this. Toothbrushes, toothpastes, dental floss, mouth wash, mint candies, breath fresheners, and dentists were not invented for nothing.
  • Bars and everything that go with it. The smoke. The noise. The hubris-filled drunks. The crowd. All that shouting to get one’s voice heard. The smelly comfort rooms. The groping. The puking. The morning after.
  • Break ups, whether mine or others'. I used to believe in stuff like marriages-made-in-heaven, living-happily-ever-after, love-is-all-that-matters, and love-never-dies. The ubiquitous implosion of relationships has made me question those beliefs. No matter how intense the emotions expressed, or strong we hold on to a relationship, or how much of ourselves we give, sometimes relationships still end.
  • Men who cheat. Or women, for that matter. They make a mockery of human feeling and they make my skin crawl. I know i sound too judgmental. I'm speaking from the pain of being cheated on.


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