Friday, June 1, 2007

my comfort zone

Friday, June 1, 2007

Dredging up fears of inadequacy and mediocrity, my ex-boyfriend endlessly insisted that I should get out of my comfort zone. His compelling but irksome question was, “what is a UP cum laude with a post graduate degree doing in a small local company and not earning big bucks in a multinational company or somewhere outside the country?” “You are just wasting your talents there,” he said. Fading into a slack insubstantiality, the ever-confused and self-doubting me asked, “Am I?” What do I really want?

My answer is, “Like any other person, I want to enjoy life, in all its simplicity and grandeur.” I don’t want to be a corporate slave; I want to have the freedom to spend my time doing worthwhile things; I want to take pleasure in the unhurried pace of life – the utter bliss (and the exercise) I get from a 10-minute walk from home to work and not having to endure the daily stress of commuting and driving through hell-like traffic; the serenity that comes from having the time to indulge in the small pleasure of reading a good book, playing the piano or simply being a couch potato; the sheer happiness I get from the capability to go home to my family every weekend; the feeling of fulfillment from going to work everyday and being able to do something that I love doing; the liberty to pursue other interests – in social and political concerns, creative projects, or even higher studies - that I care passionately for; and the contentment that although I cannot afford neither spur-of-the-moment shopping splurges nor up-to-date gadgets, I am comfortable enough to have my own place, pay the bills on time, and save a fraction of my pay.

I used to have my own little world, intentionally distancing myself from my workmates. I now find solace in their company, sharing in the laughter that comes from the small things that brighten up our daily work routine.


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